Flip Night at The Point with Chef Mayet Cristobal


I got invited to this event through my good friend, Abby of Pleasure Palate. I’m always excited to eat Filipino food prepared by chefs that doesn’t normally cook Filipino food. It’s quite interesting what chefs come up with when they’re cooking “non-traditionally”.

Let’s explore Chef Mayet’s creations…

Sweet Corn Soup 3 (Porcini and truffle croutons, chives)

Sweet Corn Soup with Porcini & Trufle Croutons, Chives | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood

Sweet Corn Soup

The soup is rather good. The corn naturally sweet. On the menu though it mentioned porcini and truffle croutons but I didn’t detect it in the soup. If there was, I would prefer that the croutons be at least visible so it can provide a textural contrast to the smoothness of the pureed sweet corn.

Heirloom Tomato & Salted Duck Egg Salad 6 (spinach, scallions, crispy onion, pan de sal croutons with anchovy vinaigrette)

Heirloom Tomato & Salted Duck Egg Salad | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood

Heirloom Tomato & Salted Duck Egg Salad

This is among my favorites. It’s such a perfect well rounded salad. The creaminess of the egg balances out the sourness of the dressing. The crispy onions and croutons provide flavor balance and enhancer as well texture to the dish. I love it.

Duck Confit & Chinese Sausage Lumpia 5 (mushroom, cabbage, carrots, celery, onions & two dipping sauces)

Duck Confit & Chinese Sausage Lumpia | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood

Duck Confit & Chinese Sausage Lumpia

Another one of my favorites. The combination of duck confit and chinese sausage is gold. Seriously. This should be a staple. Heck, they should sell these frozen and I would buy them by the hundreds. *hint, hint*

Pancit 7 (rice noodles, seasonal vegetables, tofu & lime)

Pancit | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood


There’s different kinds of pandit and the bihon-style (using rice noodles) is not my favorite. My preference aside, this pancit felt a little dry to me. The tofu and vegetables are the good things because they are quite tasty and flavorful.

Shrimp and Potato Fritter 7 (bean sprouts, green onions, with soy-vinegar dipping sauce)

Shrimp & Potato Fritter | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood

Shrimp and Potato Fritter

My least favorite. I would guess that this is a variation of “okoy” or crispy shrimp fritter. It was dough-y and not as crispy as I would like.

Chicken Adobo Banh Mi 10 (pickled vegetables, jalapeños, chicken thigh, chopped chicken liver spread, balsamic onions, chicken cracklings)

Chicken Adobo Banh Mi | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood

Chicken Adobo Banh Mi

I’m not a sandwich kind of person but I do enjoy a good one from time to time. The chicken is super flavorful with just the right balance between soy sauce and vinegar. The chicken liver looks like it was cooked adobo-style before it got transformed into a spread, adding more flavor. The vegetables added a nice crunch. The addition of crispy chicken skin makes this bank mi excellent. What would make it ultimately superb (in my opinion) is a creamy element to balance out the tart and sourness from the adobo and pickled vegetables, I’m thinking like a creamy aioli sauce would make all the difference.

Smoked Fish & “Fried Rice” Cake 9 (crispy garlic rice cake, egg, onions, tomatoes, fish sauce)

Smoked Fish & "Fried Rice" Cake | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood

Smoked Fish & “Fried Rice” Cake

One of my favorites despite the fact that I do not like crispy rice. The smoked trout is delicious. Freshness still comes through despite the fact that it’s smoked. Love this tinapa. If you do love rice cakes, you will love this fried garlic rice version.

Waffle Dog 3 (banana “ketchup”)

Waffle Dog | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood

Waffle Dog

This brought back memories…yes, memories of my school-going years. I remember there’s another variety to this, the waffle cheese. It’s a stick of cheese encased in waffled batter. The waffle batter is just like I remembered it. Nice and fluffy. The only thing I would change with this is probably have the banana ketchup on the side.

Pork Lechon Tacos with Cilantro and Slaw 7 (onions, garlic, jalapeños, mr. tom’s sauce, flour tortilla)

Pork Lechon Tacos with Cilantro & Slaw | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood

Pork Lechon Tacos with Cilantro and Slaw

The pork lechon was very crispy and flavorful. It did mention a sauce (Mr. Tom’s Sauce) but I don’t know what it taste like. I actually prefer it to have a little bit more sauce of some kind to break apart the crunchiness and chewiness of the pork lechon. Maybe a Mang Tomas? Maybe that’s what Mr. Tom’s is? Hmm…If it is, I wish there was more because it would make it perfect.

Braised Oxtail in Curried Peanut Sauce 12 (kare kare with steamed jasmine rice, eggplant, bok choy, long beans, okra)

Braised Oxtail in Curried Peanut Sauce | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood

Braised Oxtail in Curried Peanut Sauce

This is THE favorite. Not your typical “kare-kare” swimming in sauce but the flavor’s there. This is what I’m talking about. Tastes exactly like the original without looking like an oily mess. The flavors are there, if not refined (in my opinion). The meat was super tender but not exactly fall-off the bone. I love that the vegetables still has some crunch. And of course, there’s no other way around it but it’s best with steaming hot white rice.

Pork Shoulder & Blood Stew with Puto 10 (dinuguan with tamarind broth, ginger, serrano chilies, cilantro, fried onions)

Pork Shoulder & Blood Stew with Puto | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood

Pork Shoulder & Blood Stew with Puto

Another like. This time I would prefer it if there’s more sauce. I love a dinuguan with tamarind broth in it. The addition of the fried onions is really wonderful. And the puto was soft, pillowy, creamy and dense. Would’ve been perfect for dipping into the sauce if there were some but they were good on their own.

Coconut Lychee Sorbet 4

Coconut Lychee Sorbet | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood

Coconut Lychee Sorbet

This wonderful sorbet was created by Pastry Chef Charmaine (I hope I spelled her name correctly). It is a wonderful palate cleanser as it was wonderfully fresh. I loved the toasted popped rice that provided crunch and texture to a creamy creation.

Purple Yam Ice Cream Sandwich with Pan de Sal 5

Purple Yam Ice Cream Sandwich with Pan de Sal | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood

Purple Yam Ice Cream Sandwich with Pan de Sal

I died when I took a taste of the “Ube” (purple yam) ice cream. It is exactly what ube ice cream should taste like if it were made from scratch, not the manufactured flavor that we have gotten used to because it’s the only one available in the market. It has such distinct “halayang ube” flavor. OMG. I want a gallon. Yes, like maybe every week.

Turon ( Fried Banana Lumpia) 5

Turon ( Fried Banana Lumpia) | Flip Night @thepointfeedsme #thepointfeedsme #filipinofood

Turon ( Fried Banana Lumpia)

Turon is one of those dishes where everybody will say “my mom/dad/aunt/lola/tita makes the best ever turon”. It’s good…banana is sweet along with the jack fruit and fried till crispy. Not overly sweet.

Melon Agua Fresca 3


Melon Agua Fresca


It was a wonderful dinner courtesy of Bobby of The Point. Totally memorable with a lot of the dishes that are traditional yet made new because of different presentation or techniques. Hopefully there’s more Flip Nights at The Point in the near future.

On a regular basis The Point serves breakfast and lunch. And you can visit them in Culver City.

The Point
Monday – Friday
Breakfast: 9 am – 11 am
Lunch: 11 am – 3 pm
Coffee & Snacks: 3 pm – 4 pm

8522 National Blvd, Suite 100,
Culver City, CA 90232

xo, Emilie

The Sycamore Kitchen | Los Angeles, CA


new favorite spot
I first heard about The Sycamore Kitchen when I read Jonathan Gold’s tweet…two of them

And so, with kids in tow…off we went to the hip artsy-cool area of La Brea in the Mid-Wilshire district.


love the very low-key facade

There are three options on seating. There isn’t a lot of chairs indoors but there’s lots of shaded tables out on the patio.


there are three tables like these right next to the windows overlooking the patio and they seat about 4 comfortably


on the other side of the cafe there are community tables for larger groups or smaller groups sharing one table…the exposed brick? lovely texture adding some cozy, home-y feel


the patio is dotted with lots of tables with their own umbrella so there’s always a shade (we need one in this indian summer days)

Ordering is easy as they do have menu boards up and specials are also displayed. Baked goods are not easy to pass up as they’re right there to feast with your eyes. Everything is nicely labeled with name and price. There is not questioning the freshness of the baked good as they pretty much go from oven to display area (of course with the mandatory cooling in between). They also offer a nice variety of drinks from coffee, specialty coffee to non-coffee choices.






Let’s check out what we ordered for our brunch…

Iced Hibiscus Tea and Ginger Limeade

Iced Hibiscus Tea and Ginger Limeade

My DD had the Iced Hibiscus Tea while my DS and I had our own Ginger Limeade. Both were very refreshing especially coming from the scorching heat outside.

Double B-LTA, crispy and braised pork belly, butter lettuce, balsamic tomatoes, avocado, mayo, country bread #thesycamorekitchen #BLT #sandwich #food #foodporn

Double B-LTA, crispy and braised pork belly, butter lettuce, balsamic tomatoes, avocado, mayo, country bread #thesycamorekitchen #BLT #sandwich #food #foodporn

The DD had the Double B-LTA (described above) and I have to say it was delicious (I had to take a bite so I can give you my first hand experience). The butter lettuce was crisp, avocado was creamy and the pork belly was succulent and tender all balanced out by the balsamic tomatoes. To round up the whole experience were two slices of crispy, sweet, tart pickles. A must.

Toast - house made ricotta, stewed citrus, fennel, mint, hazelnut

Toast – house made ricotta, stewed citrus, fennel, mint, hazelnut

The DS had the toast with ricotta (described above). I chose this for him because we are still training him to eat his veggies and he’s doing really good (as long as the veggies are not green and crispy). He’s doing good vegetable wise, we just have to work on his aversion to anything green and crispy. This dish, served on a thin, crispy bread (hence named Toast) is both sweet and tart and very refreshing. The addition of hazelnut is a wonderful contrast in taste and texture. While the sprinkling of mint just provides an additional “freshness” factor to the while dish. Very good these scorching hot days.

Toast - chicken salad, grapes, walnut, tarragon, Greek yogurt aioli #toast #chickensalad #food #foodporn #brunch #thesycamorekitchen

Toast with chicken salad, grapes, walnut, tarragon, Greek yogurt aioli

I had the toast above and I absolutely love it. I can have it for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and midnight snack. Fresh, light yet substantial. Love.

(left) Salted Caramel Pecan Bobka Roll; (right) Brown Butter Date Mini-Bundt

(left) Salted Caramel Pecan Bobka Roll; (right) Brown Butter Date Mini-Bundt

I have to try the Salted Caramel Pecan Bobka Roll as it is apparently crack (of baked goods, that is). So I ordered one and a Brown Butter Date Mini-Bundt as recommended by one of the staff. Both were good, like crack-kind-of-good. I am now in love with this place. Thank goodness I don’t live anywhere near otherwise I would be sweating sugar crystals. LOL.

Bottom line: A great, relaxed place to grab a meal from. Food is as fresh as it can get. Pastry snobs would be very happy here :)

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

xo, Emilie

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Supper Stars of Bicolandia | Cebu Smile: Inflight Magazine for Cebu Pacific Airways


I grew up in Albay province in the Bicol Region and consider it my home despite the fact that it has been 17 years since I’ve been back to visit. I miss the food that I’ve known and loved growing up and as I tell my kids stories about my childhood, I usually accompany it with food. As I was googling for how to make Tinutungan, a dish made of chicken and burnt coconut milk, I came across this article that appeared on Cebu Smile. Click the link below to read the article…

Supper Stars of Bicolandia | Cebu Smile: Inflight Magazine for Cebu Pacific Airways.

xo, Emilie

Oh So Sweet…that’s B Sweet Mobile


When I finally had the chance to check out B Sweet Mobile, I took it. Why shouldn’t I? I love desserts and all things sweet (savory too!). So I decided to stock up for that weekend. I have nothing bad to say about this fine food truck. Everything that I tasted was exceptionally good. If only my overall health would allow it, I will have my daily fix in this food truck.

Now let’s check out the truck, its menu and especially what I got to try.




I’ll take everything! Hahaha, I wish.


milk bar? yum!


everybody’s taken care of… you want milk with your cookies? they got it…soda? they got it too…love it!


they even have soy



this sign will forever fuel my need for pudding…in this instance, bread pudding


B Sweet’s Fudgiest Brownie – this was on the house…thank you :)


Red Velvet Cheesecake – pure heaven…I mean…HEAVEN!!!


Chocolate Chip Banana Bread – perfect companion to tea and coffee…or soda…milk even…it doesn’t matter because it’s that great


the font used in Bread Pudding makes me think of disco (what?!?)


Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding – topped with hot caramel
*if the Chocolate Chip Banana Bread is amazing, imagine how gooey good is this*


Dutch Apple Bread Pudding – topped with streusel and caramel
*the play between those tart apples and the sweet caramel is so good*


Red Velvet Bread Pudding – topped with cream cheese frosting
*to all those red velvet lovers…this is what you call taking it to the next level*

Now I’m hungry…

xo, Emilie

Flippin’ Yolk is Flippin’ Good


I finally got the chance to try out new food truck Flippin’ Yolk. When I first heard about them, I thought what a brilliantly apt name.

According to their Facebook Page, they aim to…

Bringing Flippin authentic Filipino flavors with an American/Mexican twist to your neighborhood.

Did they do that? They definitely did. Plus their rice portion is on the larger side for those used to a lot of rice. And for those of us who loves Filipino food with a passion knows that Filipino food is best enjoyed with piping hot rice (can be plain white or garlic depending on your preference).

Let’s look at a little bit of their history…

Flippin’ Yolk was founded by four friends working in hospitality whose goal was to share Filipino cuisine to their local communities. Four of them decided to work on their dream of owning a food truck to contribute to the revolution of having authentic Pinoy food in SoCal with their twist on one of the famous Filipino dishes”Tapsilog” (TAPA-marinated beef, SINANGAG-garlic rice, and ITLOG-fried egg). 

The truck…





The menu…


1. Begin by choosing your FLIPPIN item

SISIG (See-Sig)
Pork shoulder (butt) braised tender, marinated in a tangy citrus soy sauce, grilled, chopped, and is then sautéd in onions, topped with sliced serranos and crunchy Chicharrón

Thinly sliced Top Sirloin (ASADA) beef that is griddled with FLIPPIN’s exclusive seasonings

CHICK ADOBO (ahh-doh-boh)
Chicken breast slow cooked till fork tender in a garlic soy sauce marinade with a hint of vinegar

LONGA (Lone-g-ahh)
In-Truck made Garlic Pork Sausage


TOCINO (Toe-seen-O)
Filipino version of bacon.

2. Select your FLIPPIN style

Three (3) corn tortillas, choice of FLIPPIN item, shredded cabbage, Tapatío aïoli $ 5

Choice of FLIPPIN item, Chipotle mayo, garlic rice, shredded cabbage, a FLIPPIN yolk (fried egg), wrapped in a flour tortilla $ 7

Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese melted inside a flour tortilla with your choice of a FlLIPPIN item $7

SILOG (See-Low-g)

Select a FLIPPIN item, Filipino style with garlic rice, and a FLIPPIN yolk (fried egg) $ 7


TURON (Too-row-n)
Banana spring roll $ 3

Breaded caramel custard $ 3

Sarsi, royal, coke, sprite, bottled water, buko juice ( coconut juice )


The food…


Beef Tapa Tacos


Beef Tapa Silog


Chicken Adobo Silog


Longganisa Silog


Tocino Silog


Beef Tapa Wrap


Sisig Silog


Deep Fried Leche Flan

Food is overall good. I’m not much of a soft taco kind of person but my daughter loves them and she loved her tapa tacos. The Silogs were great in general. I love that the amount of rice they have in one order is actually substantial even for those who are voracious rice eaters. The Tocino definitely looks and tastes homemade. I love that it’s not too sweet. I also like their Longanisa as it is skinless and tasted pretty good. My favorite would have to be the Chicken Adobo because it has depth of flavorful, kinda like a 2 day old adobo which I actually prefer over the freshly cooked one as the meat has been sitting in its own sauce and is more flavorful that way. Flavorwise, I would prefer a more vinegar-y kind of adobo but then adobo is pretty much is cooked based on the preference of the person eating it. The Deep Fried Leche Flan is muy delicioso.

It was a really good dinner and I’m so glad we had Flippin Yolk. I would definitely go back for more.

Flippin’ Yolk

xo, Emilie